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EmpowerTheUser Platform

Provides a cloud based platform for the rapid creation and delivery of
simulations at scale for workplace soft skills assessment and training

Develop: Rapid Collaborative Building

Cloud-based graphical tools for designing, developing and testing Role play Simulations.

  • 350+% quicker than industry benchmarks (Chapman Alliance): exceptionally quick to build highly immersive Simulations
  • Drag and drop: simple to use, no programming required
  • Collaboration at the core: multiple views and workflows aimed specifically at different personas involved in the build cycle, i.e. Instructional designers, subject matter experts and content developers
  • Multiple modes: assessment and practice modes empower developers to focus their Roleplay Simulations on both assessment and/or practice related business requirements
  • Live build/test: based on agile development methodologies, developers can switch between build and run views to quickly develop/test/iterate
EmpowerTheUser Simulation Development
Targeting skills and behavior
EmpowerTheUser Simulation
Screenshot of EmpowerTheUser Platform – Plug-n-Play Delivery

Deliver: Plug-N-Play Delivery

Cloud-based delivery of immersive assessment and learning Role-play Simulations.

  • Proven to reduce seat-time by up to 300%: Job-relevant experiential learning significantly reduces time to competence
  • Data-driven learning by doing: Combines award winning research on immersive learning, self-regulated learning and big data to deliver measurable learning that works
  • Any device, any time: Responsive HTML5 ensures smooth play on any internet-connected device
  • Integration out-of-the-box: Integrates with LMS/HR systems out of the box. Supports learning standards (SCORM, AICC, Tin Can/xAPI), integration security standards (SAML) and custom APIs as standard
  • Secure storage: Runs on Amazon’s global secure network
Our clients experience consistently improved engagement levels and skills transfer by using EmpowerTheUser’s cloud based platform.

Analyze: Real Time Analytics

Cloud-based “big data” on learning delivers unprecedented actionable insights on skills, behaviors and gap analysis.

  • Accurate and Stealth: Scientifically proven to be more accurate and stealth than traditional psychometric instruments or face to face Roleplays
  • For learners: Precision feedback on skills and behaviors to improve performance
  • For Business Stakeholders: Precision insights on global skills, behaviors, gap analysis and ROI to inform budget allocation, resource deployment and future requirements
  • For Managers: Precision analysis of individuals and groups highlighting gaps and opportunities for improvement

Informed decision making based on accurate data

This data, as displayed, can be used to inform the future allocation of resources, reinforce proven methodologies, correct sub optimal behaviors and skills.

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